Flowers On Valentine’s Day

The attractive colours and scents of flowers have long made them a favourite gift for a man to give to a woman, and this is particularly important on Valentine’s Day. Saint Valentine is believed to have been based on one, or possibly two people living in third century Rome, but the feast day of Saint Valentine isn’t really known as a festival associated with courtly love until the fourteenth century. In the modern era Valentine’s Day has become one of the major festivals on the annual calendar, and the sale of flowers, chocolates, cards and other activities such as eating out and going to the cinema have all become big business.

Roses On Valentine’s Day

When it comes to the flowers that are commonly sent on Valentine’s Day, the majority of these are roses, with red roses being particularly popular because of the association of the colour with romance and love. There are a number of different varieties of red roses that are available during this period, and the giving of twelve red roses is particularly considered to be a token of passion and love. There are also specific numbers of roses that can convey meaning, with a single stem rose said to say that the recipient is the only love for the sender, but for those who are apologising then fifteen roses is the traditional symbol of apology.

Although the majority of roses sent on Valentine’s Day are red, there are a wide range of other colours that can be purchased, with different meanings applied to each one. Lilac roses are said to tell the recipient that the sender has fallen in love with them at first sight, while white roses are said to tell people that you miss them and represent innocence. A particularly interesting tradition is in the giving of roses that have yellow petals tipped with red, which means that the giver is falling in love with the recipient.

Alternative Flowers For Valentine’s Day

Although the rose is the most popular flower to send to a loved on the day, there are many other flowers, particularly red flowers that are also commonly seen in bouquets on Valentine’s Day. Many women will have favourite flowers that they like, which will always be popular choices, while lilies, carnations and tulips are also flowers that will be welcomed by the recipient. Inclusive of roses, it is estimated that just under 200 million roses are sent in the United States alone every Valentine's Day.

The Origin And Growth In Popularity Of Flowers On Valentine's Day

Although the feast of Saint Valentine has been associated with 14 February since the fifth century, it wasn’t until the fourteenth century that the date became associated with courtly love and the giving of tokens of affection between lovers. This was mentioned in the poem by Chaucer which was dedicated to the first anniversary of the engagement of King Richard II. Flowers swiftly became associated with Valentine’s Day, and the rhyme ‘Roses are red, violets are blue’ is a clear demonstration of this.

The commercialization of the flowers on Valentine’s Day really became a growth industry in the twentieth century, when vast farms producing flowers started growing roses and other flowers for Valentine’s Day. These days the range of flowers that are given to a lover or potential lover can range from a single red rose to bouquets of roses and other flowers. The industry selling flowers and distributing them around the world has become such big business that bouquets can even be ordered and delivered to a loved one, even from a distant part of the world.

The Psychology Of Flowers

When it comes to sending flowers, it is important to convey the right message to the recipient, and when done correctly it will tell the recipient that you are a romantic and successful person. Those who are already in a relationship, especially in the early stages can impress their partner by giving them flowers that really express their love and send the right message. However, for those looking to give someone they are attracted to a pleasant surprise, a beautiful bouquet of flowers can really catch their attention and may lead to them returning the feeling.

How To Send Flowers To Get The Right Result

When sending flowers choosing the right flowers and the correct number when sending roses is vital. Sometimes, an extravagant bouquet isn't as effective as a single red rose. For those looking to develop their relationship, make sure you don't send thirteen flowers, as this can indicate that you want to be friends. By looking in to the meaning of flowers and taking some care over the arrangement to make sure it is something she will like, it is possible to get the right result.