Significance of Valentine's Day

There are many legends proving that Valentine's Day has its roots in early Italian society. One such story is related with a Christian priest, St. Valentine, who helped lovers to get married during the reign of Roman Emperor Claudius in 269 A.D. Valentine did so against the will of the Emperor, and hence he was executed.

Valentine's Day is one of the most popular celebrations across the world with its universal importance. This is an occasion that has gradually evolved into a day that observes one of the most beautiful of all human relationships, love. This multicutural festival is perhaps the only festival celebrated all over the globe with same spirit and passion to express love for the special ones. Feb. 14th is a special day for all lovers in the world, whether they be young lovers, or married couples, or live in partners. Love keeps us moving. Relationship is the most powerful emotional experience. There are always challenges, but it is in relationship where we have the opportunity to evolve fastest.

To asses the significance of V.D., we have to asses the significance of love in life. Mystic Osho has shown two paths to enlightenment or self-realization - 'Path of Meditation' & 'Path of Love'. Both are complementary to each other. In fact, there is an immediate need to celebrate 'The Day of Love', or 'Lovers Day', universally.

Nothing is higher than love in this world. Love is God or to say God is Love. Love is the panacea for all the diseases or problems in this world. All the darkness in human relationships can be evaded through the light of devotional love only. With so much destruction going around, shouldn't one welcome a day, when love reigns supreme? Valentine's Day is a great opportunity for mutual expression of love feelings and friendship.

No gift is higher than the heart itself. In spite of all our shyness and timidity, one must learn the art of expressing his/her love for others. And the very art lies in being truthful and trustworthy to others.

Love should be celebrated each and every moment of your life. But the hectic schedule of modern life hardly leaves time for that. Probably this is why Valentine's Day came into being, a day which we devote to the people we love. Love should be a state of mind, an eternal affair with the whole cosmos. The true sensuous or romantic love with a single person can be developed into an eternal love with the cosmos and its every entity.

Hence one can start his/her celestial journey through offering a valentine full of Shakespearean love poems to anyone, if none, then at least to Jesus, or Mother Mary, or Mary Magdalene at Jerusalem, or any form of Him or Her. Love is surrendering. Osho says that if one surrenders even to a tree, it would make you approach to your ultimate Valentine - God or Goddess.

- Mystique Madanmohan