Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

We have created this page especially to help people choose innovative gifts for their valentine and provide resources for last minute gift ordering.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

  • Last Minute Options - Instant Gift Cards: With now serving almost all countries across the globe, these Gift Cards can be a great instant options. Amazon has special options to customize your gift card for Valentine's Day. This is one gift that is useful, practical, is sure to be loved and can be customized according to one's budget.
  • Customized T-Shirts or Mugs : These are the latest trends in gifts - the simplest and perhaps the best way to make your gift unique and memorable. Of late, creating custom gifts like t-shirts, mugs, calendars, diaries, magnets, bottles, etc - with the photograph of your loved ones is getting easier and easier. There are many online stores which allow you to upload your pictures and create beautiful, custom gifts for your valentine. As Valentine's Day is nearing, do check out these express delivery options from Zazzle. Another good option is CafePress, however, be sure to check their delivery timings.

  • A spiritual or philosophical book on love : This one is for those with an inclination towards literature. A wisely selected book can make a wonderful present your valentine will surely love. Check out these Kindle Love Books (Instant Options!)

  • A trip to your loved one's favorite destination: This one can be an awesome and refreshing gift in present days hectic lifestyle. Be sure to plan it out with your valentine well before time.

  • A portrait/painting/sketch of your loved one: This is something that your valentine is likely to make use of and will remind them of your love every day. Some photo editor tools allow you to convert any picture into a sketch. You can then order a framed version from shops like Zazzle or CafePress

  • Health & Fitness Gifts: A health or fitness machine that your valentine needs, or a membership to nearby gym/health club (good idea to include yourself in and make it for two) will make a gift that shows your really care for your loved one's well being.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

    Do you think its puzzling to buy valentine's day gifts for Men? Well, here's a set of great gift ideas .... right from restaurant gift cards to online gift delivery shops, there are a wide variety of options to choose from:-

  • Electronic Gadgets or Gadget accessories : Even if your man has everything, there will certainly be some new electronic gadgets in the market, that you can buy for him. The latest in the market are digital photo frames, gaming keyboards, cell phone watches, electronic bikes, fitness watches and so on. If some of his favorite gadgets are beyond your current budget, do not worry - your man will love accessories for his favorite gadgets (like a personalized I-Phone case, a new Camera Bag for his SLR, etc.) as much as a new gadget.

  • Sports: Men always appreciate gifts related to their favourite sports. It could be a customize T-shirt with the pic of his favorite player, simply a membership to sports club or the tickets of next upcoming event of his favourite sports.

  • Car Accessories: Buy him anything for his car. There are a wide range of car accessories to choose from. If your budget is low, you could go for a key chain, hanging heart for rear view mirror hood for steering or car perfume etc. for his car.

  • De-Addict: If your man is into smoking, electronic cigarettes will make an ideal gift. They are not only much more safe and healthy than the tobacco - in most regions, they are also perfectly legal to use.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her

  • Diamond Jewelry: This is the gift which many a women expect from their men on every occasion. But if it is gifted on the day of love then there can be no words to express her happiness. There are two additional benefits: Firstly, these are assets forever - value of jewelry almost always increases. Secondly, options are always available at the last moment: Valentine's Day Jewelry

  • Flowers Forever: This might be the oldest gift Idea. But you can make it fresh by selecting some flowers other than roses like - orchid or tulip. If you are in the US or Canada, there are good options for Same Day Flower Delivery . In India, Ferns and Petals is one of the best known brands offering same day flower delivery. Users in most countries can find good options for Same Day Flower Delivery on Amazon

  • (Animal Friendly) Hand Bags: Many females can never stop themselves purchasing different hand bags to add to their collection. This time you can make this gift special by gifting a non-leather hand bag, extending your love not to just humans, but also animals. And I assure you that it would increase respect for you in their heart. Because a person who loves and cares for all living beings would love his soul mate for sure!

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